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Uttam Neem Coated Urea, with its robust composition of 46% nitrogen, is not just a fertilizer; it’s a technological marvel crafted with the latest state-of-the-art methods. Featuring large, solid, and gleaming grains of uniform size, this neem-coated urea stands out for its ease of dispersion in fields and superior nitrogen utilization by crops.

The benefits of Uttam Neem Coated Urea extend beyond the field, contributing to increased crop yield and enhanced crop quality. With its environmentally friendly formulation, this fertilizer plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of plants, ensuring optimal health throughout their lifecycle.

Uttam Neem Coated Urea goes beyond traditional urea, also improving the quality of leafy vegetables and fodder. Its unique neem coating facilitates slow and prolonged nitrogen supply to the crops, effectively reducing nitrogen loss. Additionally, the use of this neem-coated urea minimizes the risk of diseases and insect attacks on crops.

In the realm of consequences, Uttam Neem Coated Urea addresses the issues associated with nitrogen deficiency. It combats hindrances in plant growth, prevents the yellowing of old leaves from the upper to lower ends, and mitigates the drying and falling of aged leaves. By adopting Uttam Neem Coated Urea, farmers are witnessing a reduction in nitrogen deficiency-related challenges, leading to improved flowering and increased yield.

Embraced by lakhs of farmers across different states, Uttam Neem Coated Urea, packaged in 45 kg bags, is revolutionizing agricultural practices. Experience the advantages of this cutting-edge neem-coated urea and join the ranks of farmers who are reaping the benefits of enhanced crop health and productivity.



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