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Bharat Super Phosphate, crafted by BEC Fertilizers, stands as a solution to the essential nutrient requirements for optimal crop production. Recognizing the significance of all 16 elements, including the 9 major elements and 7 micro elements, BEC Fertilizers addresses the prevalent issue of zinc deficiency found in 40-50% of soil samples through its innovative product, Anand Zincated Single Super Phosphate.

Anand Zincated Single Super Phosphate is designed not only to rectify phosphate deficiency but also to fulfill the scarcity of micro elements such as sulphur, calcium, and zinc in the soil. Zinc, a crucial trace element, is particularly deficient in crops like paddy, wheat, soybean, maize, urad, moong, peas, and various vegetables, with paddy exhibiting the maximum deficiency.

The benefits of Anand Zincated Single Super Phosphate, now also referred to as Bharat Super Phosphate, are manifold:

Provides crops with essential elements, including phosphorus, sulphur, zinc, and calcium.
Facilitates the formation of vital compounds such as proteins, sugars, and starch.
Plays a pivotal role in enhancing the process of photosynthesis.
Boosts plant immunity, contributing to overall plant health.
Aids in the development of fruits, flowers, and seeds.
Leads to a remarkable increase in crop production, ranging from 15% to 40%.
In the context of paddy crops, Bharat Super Phosphate proves invaluable in preventing Khaira disease, a condition caused by zinc deficiency. This deficiency manifests as yellowing of leaves, followed by the appearance of brown spots, potentially causing significant harm to the crop, with damages reaching 30-40%. The application of Bharat Super Phosphate serves as an effective remedy for Khaira disease, contributing to healthier and more robust paddy crops.

BEC Fertilizers’ commitment to addressing nutrient deficiencies and enhancing crop productivity is encapsulated in the revolutionary Bharat Super Phosphate, a comprehensive solution for farmers striving for optimal yields and crop health.

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