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Fantac Amino Acids, a cutting-edge plant growth regulator, harnesses the power of L-cysteine and a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids and vitamins crucial for optimal plant development. This innovative solution caters to both vegetative and reproductive growth phases, making it a versatile and essential tool for plant cultivation.

Fantac Amino Acids acts as a shield against stress conditions, ensuring plants overcome environmental challenges. Its multifaceted benefits extend to promoting better flowering, fruit development, and overall increased yield. The formulation is designed to meet the specific amino acid requirements of plants, addressing their unique needs for optimal growth.

This plant growth regulator goes beyond conventional solutions by enhancing stomatal growth and facilitating chlorophyll synthesis. Fantac Amino Acids, belonging to the chemical group of plant growth regulators, plays a role in promoting femaleness in dioecious flowers, contributing to improved fruit quality and ultimately ensuring better market prices.

The compatibility of Fantac Amino Acids is a standout feature, as it seamlessly integrates with all insecticides and fungicides available in the market. This compatibility ensures that farmers can incorporate Fantac Amino Acids into their existing crop management practices without concerns about adverse reactions with other treatments.

Fantac Amino Acids is conveniently available in various pack sizes, ranging from 25 ml to 5 litres, providing flexibility to farmers based on their specific needs and crop sizes. Whether applied for better germination of seeds or to achieve early vigour in seedlings, Fantac Amino Acids stands as a reliable and effective choice for promoting robust plant growth and maximizing agricultural yields.

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