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Fornax GR Insecticide is a highly effective solution that can be applied

using an applicator, mechanical disperser, or by hand while wearing rubber gloves.

Directions for Use: Uniformly broadcast Fornax GR granules at a rate of 4 kg/acre in rice and 7.5 kg/acre in sugarcane. For sugarcane, apply Fornax GR in furrows at planting or at the base of young emerging shoots along the furrows, followed by irrigation.

Time of Application:

  1. 15-35 days after transplanting (DAT) for rice.
  2. For sugarcane, application between planting and 1st irrigation is recommended for early shoot borer, while for top borer, application should coincide with the appearance of top borer moths.

Maximum Number of Applications: One application is recommended.

IRAC Group Code: 28

Mode of Action: Ryanodine Receptor Modulator

Chemical Subgroup: Anthranilic Diamides

IRM Statement (Insecticide Resistance Management): Unless directed otherwise in the specific crop/insect sections of the label, the following practices are recommended to prevent or delay the development of insecticide resistance to Fornax GR and to Group 28 insecticides:

  1. Apply Fornax GR or other Group 28 insecticides using a “window” approach to avoid exposure of consecutive insect pest generations to the same mode of action. Multiple successive applications of Fornax GR are acceptable if they are used to treat a single insect generation. Following a “window” of Fornax GR or other Group 28 insecticide, rotate to a “window” of applications of effective insecticides with a different mode of action.
  2. The length of a window should be equal to the length of one generation of the targeted insect. The total exposure period of all “Group 28-active windows applied throughout the crop cycle (from seedling to harvest) should not exceed 50% of the crop cycle.

Fornax GR Insecticide is designed to provide effective control, and these guidelines ensure responsible and sustainable use to manage insecticide resistance.

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